Forces cause change in our daily lives.
They can slow, stop or accelerate movement.

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We facilitate and accelerate transformative growth for individuals, executives and leadership teams.

Healthy organizations are built by healthy leaders.

Guided by our consistent experience that most leadership and team growth challenges are best supported by deepening our capacity for conscious leadership and intentional collaboration, we offer a holistic approach with an emphasis on improving self-responsibility, healthy communication, accountability and aligned action.

The Delta-v is here to help boost your velocity and gain control of your trajectory.

Executive Coaching

Cultivate an authentic, emotional, mature and effective leadership style you can sustain

Corporate Solutions

Training is necessary for leaders of any organization. When coaching is paired with training, productivity increases from 22.4% to 88% (based on study from Personnel Management)

Positive Intelligence®

A mental fitness program that enables wellness, performance, and positive relationships

Kristin Goodwin and Traci Paulsen

Driving personal, professional and organizational growth

We co-founded The Delta-v in 2022 to help individuals, leaders, and teams grow. We have come to understand that only by addressing both human and organizational dynamics can we foster the kind of authentic leadership and collaboration that has the power to catalyze real, sustainable improvements in personal, team and organizational health.

Dr. Traci Goodwin

Mental Fitness and Personal Growth Coaching

As a business owner and community leader, Traci learned early the importance of positive leadership and personal development. Her passion for enriching the lives around her is palpable. Traci is a Certified Professional Coach, member of the Financial Coach Academy, and supports a robust coaching practice.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Kristin Goodwin

Executive Coaching and Team Building

As an instructor and leader both in the air and on the ground, Kristin’s diversity of experience and perspective shape the innovation, inspiration, and positivity she brings to every classroom and learning environment. She is a Certified Career Coach with over 2500 hours of career coaching experience, a Certified Facilitator, and a Wiley Five Behaviors mentor with over 20 years of leadership training experience.

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