About Traci

Traci with hula hoop

Foster resilience, clarity, and fulfillment as you stride towards your dreams with confidence.

Hi, I am Traci and I am a Mental Fitness and Personal Growth Coach!

For over 26 years I owned and operated my group dental practice, leading an ever growing staff while navigating the ups and downs of business ownership and patient care. Dental school taught me a lot…. about prepping a crown, class II composites, and all other things “tooth”. Yet I learned nothing about running a business, managing an HR department, developing boundaries, and the power of “no”. I was lost. I felt stuck. I was unhappy.  I knew I had to change yet was terrified to take the leap. Through my journey I came to find the tools which have led me to peace and happiness, personally and professionally. These experiences help me to promote positive results for individuals across all walks.

I am dedicated to providing personalized coaching that is focused on outcomes, empowering you to achieve success in your professional and personal goals, ultimately allowing you the competitive advantage. I center my coaching approach on understanding your unique needs and challenges, creating a personalized plan to help you overcome obstacles, capitalize on strengths, and reach your desired aspirations.

By leveraging a range of coaching techniques and tools, I facilitate your growth and development with practical solutions. I am passionate about creating positive change and have a proven record of helping individuals achieve success. Whether you seek to enhance your wellness, improve performance, reduce stress, or navigate a career transition, I am here to help you optimize and change your trajectory.